May 21, 2009

Wonderful FREE Printables for Gift Giving

There are lots of places online that offer FREEBIES for Crafters and Digital Scrapbookers (and crafters can use DigiScrapbook elements too in their crafting as well) - but the other day I came across a new site for me anyway - and I thought I would share -
Here are some links to some delightful FREE printables to help with quick easy crafting for gift giving - all year long - be sure to click on all past pages of the website to see all that's available from the site:

Free Crafting Printables from: Happy Birds Crafting Haven


FREE Printable "Miracle Cream" Label and Recipe!

FREE Printable "Buttermint Coffee Mix" Labels and Tags~Nice Mother's Day Gift!

FREE Printable Quart-Size Baggie Topper for Crustless Apple Pie

FREE Printable Gingerbread Coffee Baggie Topper with Recipe

FREE Printable Cowboy Cookies Topper!~Fits 4 Inch Wide Craft Baggie

Visit & Bookmark: for more crafting ideas and recipes.

Happy Printing and Crafting

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