Apr 25, 2011

PC Crafter is CLOSED!!

UPDATE: PCCrafter has closed its Digital Doors and has gone to website cyber heaven.

I will miss the amazing Artists, and while I own quite a bit of their beautiful and whimsical art collections - I will miss seeing NEW art from them available in downloadable kit form.

But there are still 3 former pccrafter artists who do sell their clip art sets online: as of Sept 2015 they are:
Gina Jane (owner of Daisie Company.com)

Laurie Furnell

Tammy DeYoung

That's it, the majority of former pccrafter, Daisie Company and aimee asher (Aimee Asher went out of business in 2015) artists no longer sell their art online in downloadable form.

See my post from April 14, 2011 which has information about the new message forum that hugsister Lynne a.k.a Blondemoments created for former pccrafter.com community message forum members

and  there is a pccrafter messageboard alumni Facebook Group (pcMB alumni) online that you can be invited to join, if you are a friend of any of the members of the alumni group. 

Many times folks will ask - what about all the clipart they had in their accounts that they hadn't downloaded yet from pccrafter. Well the website went out of business in 2011 and no content is available anywhere. If you didn't download your content in time before it closed or when you bought it, or Did NOT back up your collections and had a computer crash - You are sadly out of Luck.  Except for the 3 artists I mention above - who sell a "few" select kits that were once upon a time sold on pccrafter - You are not going to find those sets again.

Sadly there is a lot of clipart images uploaded to picasa albums and/or pinned on pinterest that is in violation of the pccrafter terms of use and the artists copyrights.  And anything found online will not be in the original dpi quality etc.    
Remember if you purchased anything from ANY digital website now, or in the past > and installed it to your computer > there are Terms of Use and Copyright information that always must be adhered to - even if the website itself goes out of business.  Those TOUs and Artists Copyrights always remain in effect.  

One of the main reasons that so many artists chose to get out of the Digital Clip art - downloadable business, is because of the rampant illegal file sharing, and disregard of their Terms or Use and/or Angel policies.  

Please support the Artists that continue to offer their art for us clip art junkies, by Purchasing their art from reputable websites and honoring their TOUs and Copyrights.   


  1. Hi,
    so many of the creatables i need for my new pc are no longer avaliable and that is a bummer.

    do you know of ANYWHERE where i can get my hands on COLOR ME KIDS by Amy dott ?? they no longer sell it. I found Amy Dott Harmner on Facebook and asked her...but she was not very helpful. at this point i would
    pay anything for it!!

  2. Hi Jackie,
    No I don't know of anyplace that may be selling the old CD of Color Me Kids. You can try Ebay. Over the yrs some gals did sell their pccrafter CDs - but I haven't read online of any recent sales. The hugsisters that used to visit the now gone pccrafter forums, now meet over on the new Hugsister message forums that was created in Dec 2010.

  3. ugh, I lost most of my stuff, so much money....;(

  4. I went to the sight two weeks ago and signed in and downloaded all of the clipart I have bought since 2008. Worked just fine....everything is installed on my new computer. Try again girls maybe it will work this time. Who knows?
    Diane - alwayscraftin

  5. I am able to download my content from pchugclub, but can't activate the deluxe browser. Anyone have a solution?

  6. Have gone to site myself, even as recently as today as was still able to retreive my stuff, backed most of it up on an external hard drive
    Also, Mary, was just wondering if there is a meeting place for some of the old gang yet? LOL
    I'm still around


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