May 28, 2011

May is almost done.....

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Remember the Sacrifices So Many Have Given
for our Country and our Freedom

Just noticed I hadn't posted anything for May...guess had nothing of much to say:-). It was a nice month. I turned 64 this month, had another wonderful "Mothers" day (my 43rd one!!!) to celebrate being a Mom to the 2 most amazing, beautiful daughters any Mom could ever wish for.

Got some nice gifts, cards, & the weather here in FLA was sunny and hot all month long.

Other than just hanging out at my house - didn't do much else.

On Friday - I went shopping or looking around at 4 different furniture stores in the area with my daughter and granddaughter for a new Entertainment/Wall Unit - I think we've narrowed it down to one or 2 that I really like and can "Afford"! And of course I saw lots of other things that I would love to decorate my home with or get new of, etc. etc.

Got a new camera (a Olympus SP 800UZ), didn't need one, just found a deal and decided I wanted comes with a 30x Zoom vs the 12x Zoom I have on my Fugi 5yr old camera and my 3x Zoom I have on my 9 yr old Casio camera... I really like taking digital pictures, I never run out of film and I can delete what I don't want to upload to my computer etc. And I so enjoy looking at the birds and such out back of my house. Gives me something to do ;-) and keeps me out of trouble. Here's a couple more photos I took with the new camera.

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