Mar 26, 2011

Photobucket....just another place I signed up for

I own 6 web domains with lots of server storage space, so I don't really need ANOTHER place to upload photos to, just so that I can link to them in messageboard forums etc. - But some of the places that I hang out online, pccrafter's messageboard, the new hugsister forum that was created in Dec 2010 by hugsister Lynne a.k.a. Blondemoments (cause none of us knows how long pccrafters' will be online, not much going on with that once wonderful site for buying clipart collections), and I belong to Scrappy Friends, and Aimee Asher's forums too...and at those sites many of the gals use Photobucket.
Often over the years questions came up about how to use it, if it was easy, safe and or worth using. So a few years ago I did join it, just to see for myself just how difficult and/or easy it was to use. They've added new features over the years, but its still an easy site (for me anyway) to use and upload photos to and/or then be able to "link" to the photos or albums etc. and post images within messageboard communities postings that you might make.

You sign up for FREE, then from your computer - just begin to "Upload" photos, you can create albums, name them and then upload just photos you want to go into just that particular album.
You can resize photos right within the options. Then if a photo is much too big to post full size in a forum, you can resize it and save that "resized" image as a new image, in your album.
OK - now if you want to post that "image" in a messageboard forum, find it in your album(s) and click on it so your are viewing just that image on its own. Then over to the right or underneath the image..are some boxes with "codes lines" in them...YOU want the IMG code line. Simply click on that complete IMG line it will start with [IMG] and end with [/IMG] you have to have that complete line copied - you can't miss a [ or a ] - and then that copied line goes onto to your computers clipboard. Then you go to your message that you want to put that image, and click on your computer keyboard the Control Key plus the V letter and that should paste whatever you just copied to your computers clipboard. Easy peasy.
A thing that I do when I want to post more than one image in a single post -
I copy each IMG line code into a WORD document or a Notepad document, and type any notes I want to go with each image. And then when I'm ready, I just copy and paste all that stuff from the document and paste it all into a message forum post.

When I opened my Photobucket account, I really didn't have a "Need" to upload much there. Most of my photos are stored either at or at's album spots...and ones I link to for message forums, I upload to my web domains and link directly from there.

As long as an image is online and accessible** (**Accessible means: doesn't need passwords, and you are the owner of the image, and you have the "rights" to link to the website where the image is located, - meaning you can't see an image on someone elses website or blog or album, and create a link to it from that website or blog. That's called hotlinking and also stealing bandwidth!!! Don't do it!!!) you just need to get the web address for just that image (the url) - you would right click on the image, and find the Image Properties, on the Image properties you should see a Location line, that is the image's web address or location of just that image..copy it and enclose that entire web address within those image tags of [img] and paste the url here but with no spaces after the ] bracket and then exactly at the end of the pasted url put in the closed image tag of [/img] - every time you put a code on a web page, it must have an open and a closed tag. the back slash of / is the one used to "close" tags. If you use a forward slash \ the tag won't work for what you need the tags to do.

OK enough about that...I did all this blogging on and on, just so I could post a slide show of some of the pics I did upload to Photobucket and have just sitting there.
I uploaded digital layouts that I had posted on one of my community forums I once belonged to, its one I don't hang out at anymore, but I did have all the layouts on my computer. And they were all resized for putting in online galleries. So tonight I created a slide show out of that Digital Layouts album I have on Photobucket, I copied the HTML code (cause that's one I needed to use for a "Blog" posting) so that I could post it in a BLOG post...lets see if I got it right ;-) - I am pasting now:

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