Mar 25, 2011

Happy Birthday!!

To my house. I can't believe that it was one year ago March 26th that I signed the papers to close on my new home. I still have lots of boxes to unpack, and things to change or decorate the way I "think" I want things to look. Its a lot harder to do this stuff on your own. Ya know how sometimes when you're married, you dream of a time when you don't have to consider any one elses tastes or lifestyle and you could decorate your home just the way you want. Well - I am in that stage of my life...I can make all my "own" choices. Only problem...I loved making a HOME for Paul and I, and he really liked the "majority" of my tastes. I decorated my home in Buffalo for "our" lifestyle and for that house. He did so many wonderful things to that home of his own..he remodeled the kitchen, the living room, the upstairs bathroom, added a shower to the basement, etc etc. But he left the furniture choices to me and the general colors and "decor". But here in Florida...not many of those things that I had in Buffalo seem to really fit here and I really don't know my NEW style or in what direction I want to take this home. When I get my tax refund this year, I think I'm going to buy at least one new piece of furniture and create around it...probably what I need the most is an entertainment center wall unit. Wish me Luck! Next yr when the house celebrates its 2nd Birthday...I'll bring y'all inside the place.
**My son in law did take you on a tour of the insides house back in January 2010 - remember
this You Tube Video ;-)

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