Feb 25, 2011

Afternoon Tea Time

Afternoon Tea at the Marriott Legends Edge resort in Panama City on my late sister's(Flo a.k.a. Pinky) Birthday. For the past few years when ever Flo and my younger sister got together, we tried to find a spot for afternoon tea to share together. Today I am at a resort with my younger sister, her husband and Flo's (she passed away in Jan 2010) husband in one of their Marriott timeshares. My younger sister noticed on the activities calendar for the resort that they were having an afternoon tea this afternoon. So we went down and had an very pleasant time. We got to pick out our own cup, teapot and tea...and there was an assortment of mini cheesecakes. A little while later a group of 4 women came, and we shared some conversations with them. They were all from Toronto, Ontario Canada. We shared that our Mom was born in Toronto, and that we grew up just across the border in Buffalo NY. The woman who runs some of the activities for the Marriott, had said that they always have their afternoon teas on Saturdays - and when we had mentioned to her the other day that we would be down for Friday's tea, she said she didn't know why the schedule had been printed to show it being held on Friday - we told her that our late sister, probably had a hand in typing it up ;-)

Then after a wonderful week in Panama City - I went back to Jacksonville to stay with my sister for a few more days. My daughter came from Indianapolis too.....so it was a great get away.
While in Jacksonville my sister wanted to take me to a new Tea Room she had discovered near downtown...
Elizabeth's Tea Room - it was absolutely tea-lightful

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