Jan 14, 2011

Subway Art?...or just another form of Word Art

Subway Art
What is Subway Art? – really its just “Word Art” – a collection of words related to same topic/subject arranged in pleasing fashion – those who create these pieces may use different fonts for each of the words or vary the size of the words.
Using Most graphics / photo editing programs you can create your own Wordart subway style prints.
But if you prefer downloading and printing the freebies online or need some inspiration – here’s a few links to what’s out there

Update 2015: many of these links may no longer be available from 2010 and 2011
Found these via internet searches
Free Subway Art >> Firefox search results Printables Internet Explorer Printables
Free Valentine Subway art
Eighteen 25
see also the Christmas subway art printable
**see some of the names of the fonts used on making Eighteen 25’s subway art
Blooming Homestead
**see also other free printables available from Blooming Homestead
Endless Crafting
Life lessons *I didn’t really find that the printable download was FREE
but you can get some ideas to create your own using the same words
More Free Subway art printables
Craftily Ever After
A Little Lovely Blog
Bunch of Craft
Betty Crocker Wannabe
Family values
See too the wonderful Scripture Christmas Tree printable
and Fall printables
See all printables
Sew Much Ado
Hi I’m Francesca
Ghandi’s Top 10 Fundamentals
I love it all
Calendar (*Jan to April)
See too this Madigan Made blog post - for a Sporty themed Subway art
How I create my own style of Subway style Wordart - I use Microsofts Digital Image software (*the program is discontinued - but most graphic/photo editing programs - should be able to produce the same results)
I open a new blank canvas and size it 8x10
then just add words as individual layers in various fonts and sizes and arrange on the canvas
I name and save the basic compilation. Then I can duplicate the image
and have some fun

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  1. I updated my subway art and it accessible for free. Thanks for adding me to your list!
    You may check it out here....



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