Oct 3, 2010

It's been one year already

of Florida "residence".....amazing how time flies. Am I having fun yet??
A year ago I arrived in Florida, with the help of my wonderful sister Carol. 12 days later I signed a purchase agreement to have my new home built. And here it is...6 months into living in this home.

I think that as we age..time really does speed up, and our hours and days are shorter and shorter. Maybe that's why I'm still able to function with only 4 hours of sleep, my days are only 16 hours long instead of the usual 24 ;-)

Autumn is different down here in Florida - I miss my Western NY Fall season...but don't miss the winters. Today I went for a walk with my grandson in the little patch of "woods" that we have behind the homes in my stretch of the neighborhood. Its got some water still back there, but we need "rain", lots of things once lush and green are "brown" now, and not a golden hue amongst any of it. But we enjoyed the peaceful time....I was trying to settle down and relax after watching yet another dreadful football game of my Buffalo Bills.

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