Oct 6, 2010

A place to dine for.....

When I lived in my home in Buffalo, we didn't have an eat-in kitchen. Paul and I and the girls..usually ate in the living room. Or sometimes we did dine at the beautiful colonial cherry dining room table that we inherited from Pauls' mother. So a kitchen set wasn't something that I brought from Buffalo. The new house has a small 9x9 space for a table and I have been looking at sets for the past few months. Sets were either too big, too expensive, didn't suit the space or my taste... But over the weekend my daughter and I went to look at a set she thought would be just right. When I saw it - I wasn't so sure. But then I spotted an inexpensive set that had a tea/coffee cup cut out on the chairs. I thought....ummmm, I collect teapots, this set appears to have a teacup on it..maybe its calling my name. The price was right, the size was right..so I signed my name on the order and it was delivered today. I still need to spruce up and add more personal touches throughout the house. Gotta get all of my teapots out and figure out how to display them, it will mean more shopping for shelving units etc. etc......it never ends. I now at least have a place to "dine" and take in the view of my yard.

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  1. yes I think this table was meant for you!!!


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