Aug 8, 2010

What's inside that kitchen canister?

what's inside a kitchen canister container - well - Read the Label ;-)
Found this link on my travels around blogville this morning
free printable kitchen labels here on Just Something I Made

Kitchen decals | free printables


additional FYI

Purchase Water Slide Decal Paper online

Another idea for paper sheets to use to apply to glass or ceramics or metal


PrintStix paper purchase online

FAQ for PrintStix

Same or similar Info on the PrintStix product in this pccrafter thread posting

June 2008 thread showing graphics applied to coffee mug

1 comment:

  1. I have canisters like that in my kitchen too. When I bought them I intended to find some pretty vintage teacups, but while I was waiting for the perfect cups, I put my Fiesta cups in them. (one yellow, one blue) and decided they were fine. Of course, I could still come across some must have teacups someday!
    I also have a 3rd clear canister I use for (homemade) hot chocolate mix in the winter.

    modern kitchen canisters


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