Aug 10, 2010

New Computer in the House

Haven't done much on unpacking the many boxes "still" cluttering my spare bedrooms....but did unpack a NEW Box that arrived last week.
Got myself a new desktop to replace my 8 yr old Sony Vaio. The new one is a HP All in One Desktop. So far so good....on installing stuff and getting the hang of Windows 7 - which isn't all that different as far as I can see from Vista. But I've just turned in on, followed the screen prompts, installed a few programs, copied some pictures and files from my laptop backups on an external drive.
I'm a happy camper so far ;-)

I installed my pcCrafter Hugbug Deluxe Browser and then had it scan my harddrive for my installed graphics collections that I have accumulated over the past 7 yrs from
And I also installed my favorite graphics/photo editor software : Microsofts Digital Image Suite 2006. Its working fine in the Windows 7 Home Premium edition - 64bit system. So I'm good to go and play on this computer. Still will use my laptop most days - but wanted a Desktop that was current and that I could grow with. My laptop, a 2yr old Toshiba is running VISTA, and I'm happy with it, But gotta keep up with all the changes Bill Gates wants us to always be running out and getting new stuff.

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  1. Hey Mary! How are you liking your new Puter? DH and I really need a new pc and yours looks really interesting. Let me know what you think. Hugs and blessings, Nan


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