Sep 30, 2016

Not much new going on...but put up another webpage for Cricut Explore - Print n Cut folks.

It has been a year or more since I have posted anything on my Blog. I seem to spend more time on Facebook - telling friends and family, what I have been up to.

I did make a new webpage about a month or so ago. I first posted a link to it on Facebook in one of the Cricut Explore groups I belong to. It was in response to a question someone asked - that was, "Has any one Print and Cut elements from Digital Scrapbook kits with their Cricut Explore machine".  I had, a month earlier posted in a Crafting messageboard - that information about how I did print then cut elements from a free Christmas themed digital kit. So I took that information, and made it into a web page, and gave the person asking the question the link to my webpage.  Well the moderator and creator of this particular Facebook Group, had responded as well to the person asking the question, that she would be covering just that "Topic" in an upcoming class she would offer on her website (she offers both Free and Payfor classes on all things Cricut machines as well as Photoshop Elements, and a scrapbooking layout class).  I thought the link to my simple webpage that easily showed the person asking the question, that Printing and Cutting digital elements was as easy as any other Print then Cut action of graphics or clip art.  But the moderator must have felt that I was usurping her ability to answer or help people in the group, as she ended up removing my post, and as far as I know possibly the entire thread.   If anyone is interested in seeing the webpage, you are welcome to link on over to:

Recently I went out to California for a wonderful 2 week adventure - first to attend a Family Wedding in Southern Cal, and then a trip up the coast with my younger sister. We had such a great time, visiting friends and family, touring Hearst Castle, watching the waves crash on several beaches, &  taking tons of photos.  My older daughter and grand daughter also came out for the Wedding portion of the trip, and my grand daughter loved seeing So. Cal and the Pacific Ocean etc.  We live in Florida, so she is used to Beaches :) , but this was her first trip west to California. She hopes to visit again soon.

Life Is Good!!   

Might be a year till I post again. Folks who know me, know where to find me ;)  

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