Jul 8, 2015

Closed and Closing

Things are always changing. 

When I got my Cricut Explore in October 2014, I started visiting the online community messageboard of Cricut.  I found some good advice and tips for using my Explore. And I also posted answers to posts that I felt I could add to the conversations as my way of contributing.  On June 19, 2015 the Forums were removed and effectively closed (There are still some subforums that people are now posting new topics, but they are subforums of Cartridge themed forums and that's all) .  

I posted this same information on the messageboard and am putting it here, so even I have the links for future reference.

Please consider joining one of the new messageboards created by former members of the Cricut messageboard community, and / or join one of the many Cricut Machine themed Facebook groups, so that you can continue to stay in touch with each other. 
New messageboards that have been started as of June 2015 - note these messageboards don't limit the discussions to Cricut machines or specifically the Explore. And they aren't very active as the old community forums may have been on Cricut.com.  Most crafters prefer using Facebook.

Unoffical Cricut Messageboard
Crafting Circle
FACEBOOK GROUPS - I have included some quoted excerpts from these groups, but before joining, please read complete Group details.

Cricut Lovers Guide to Design Space
https://www.facebook.com/groups/CricutLoversGuide/ For Cricut Explore and Cricut Design Space lovers. We do welcome members who don't yet have an Explore. Paulette and I have been blogging about Cricut machines since 2007. So we're bound to be able to help you if you have a problem. And we always love seeing the projects that our members make regardless of which Cricut they used! ☺ Our main focus though is helping members with Design Space and the Explore.

This group is to learn, share and inspire each other as we use our Cricut Explore and Design Space. Feel free to post and answer questions and post your projects and share your Design Space files.

Let's Learn Cricut Explore
https://www.facebook.com/groups/LetsLearnCricutExplore/  A place for Cricut Explore fans to share news, learn about the machine and inspire others with projects using the new Cricut Explore

Let's Learn Cricut
https://www.facebook.com/groups/LetsLearnCricut/ Let's chat about Cricut here! Post and share your creations, questions and Cricut love. From Explore and Design Space to Original Cricut and cartridges, all are welcome! I love my Cricuts and want to share that with you.
Explore and Design Space help while still celebrating Cricut Craft Room!

Cricut Newbies and Pros
We are a welcoming group with emphasis on learning how to use our machines to create beautiful things! We encourage questions and love to share. We love to learn new things, too!

I Luv My Cricut
A place to learn how to use your Cricut products, ask for help with your Cricut products, share Cricut projects and tell others how much you LUV your Cricut.
Note that any discussions about using 3rd party software to cut designs with older machines will be removed.

I Luv My Cricut > Admins YouTube channels
Karin's YouTube channel is at https://www.youtube.com/user/homevidka
Lorrie's YouTube channel is at https://www.youtube.com/user/LONU2008
Melody's YouTube channel is at https://www.youtube.com/user/MelodyLane815

Cutter Software
https://www.facebook.com/groups/CutterSoftware/ The purpose of this friendly group is to provide free support for software that is used with electronic cutters, including but not limited to Make The Cut, Sure Cuts A Lot, Cricut Design Space, Pazzles InVue, Pazzles Pro, Funtime, Silhouette Studio, Funtime, Inkscape, Illustrator, Wishblade, Robomaster, etc.

Cricut the Official page, this is NOT a Group, but more a Cricut news and announcements, and promotions page, you can Like the page, but you don't need to Join it.
https://www.facebook.com/OfficialCricut?fref=ts Welcome to the official fan page of Cricut. Get ready to go from inspiration to creation in just a few clicks! www.Cricut.com
Sign up if not already to Cricut's Mailing list

If you are just considering purchasing an Explore, please note that you will need to use an ONLINE ONLY Software program "Cricut Design Space" and your computer and internet connection should meet or exceed the system requirements suggested by Cricut.
Exceeding the requirements is better, than meeting the minimum.  Design Space is a computer system resource hog, and to have the best user experience using the many features of the program requires a computer processor that is fast, a system that is always up to date and a very fast and reliable internet connection.  
current as of April 2016 system requirements

See TroyTube >  Troy Young's youtube channel for some good videos. Here is link to his video for the best computer specs to purchase to work with Design Space.  (published Dec 2015)

other Helpful videos
Cricut Explore Newbies > Mistakes & Advice

Troy's Definitive Guide to Adobe Flash Plugin Errors
Troy's channel has several other helpful videos - be sure to Subscribe

For Cricut Explore owners

Update Jan 2016: check out Melody Lane's Nov. 2015 youtube video - about all things Design Space. Be sure to subscribe to Melody's YouTube Channel

The Complete Guide to Cricut Design Space by Melody Lane

5 things to do while you wait for your new Cricut Explore to arrive
by Kay Hall - Clever Someday blog - Dec. 2015 post
Cricut Explore Design Space Cheat Sheets by Lorrie Nunemaker 
( http://www.lorriesstory.com/ )
Cricut User Manuals
find more helpful links to information at http://help.cricut.com/
Cricut Explore user manual

computer user Design Space desktop user manual

iPad app Design Space user manual

Cricut Design Space Beta for Android devices - Submitting Bug Reports and Feedback

Cricut Design Space Beta for Android - Known Issues

What are the differences between the different Cricut Explore machines?

What is the difference between each version of Cricut Design Space?
All about the Cricut Access Library Subscription plan
What is included in the Cricut Access Library
Cricut Cartridge handbooks
Online learning > payfor classes by Cara Miller http://www.caramiller.com
Lots of YouTube channels to subscribe to>
 Cricut Craft Room Info (Cricut Craft Room is used by those who own any Cricut machines made prior to the Cricut Explore which was introduced in February 2014) > http://us.cricut.com/home/craftroom
The other news 
Aimee Asher.com is CLOSING for good on July 31, 2015.  The owner of Aimee Asher, will be enjoying her retirement.  Some artists & designers will still be selling their art and/or printables on other sites.  Laurie Furnell & Tammy DeYoung each have Etsy stores.   

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