Dec 8, 2010

Got my wee little tree up..

Keeping it simple on the decorating this year, my first Christmas in the new house. Figured its not worth the stress of trying to really go out and decorate the place with all the many things I brought from this will do for this year. I think the small 4ft tree looks fine :-)...gonna have a cup of tea and just enjoy it tonight.
My Niece sent me a lovely basket filled with Evergreens from Oregon
I put it with my 3 snowmen that another niece sent me a few yrs ago its so nice to decorate with things sent from those who love me and who I love

Tomorrow I'll put all the boxes and bins of things, back out in garage.

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  1. Oh Mary I LOVE it! I know you will enjoy your first Christmas in your new home. I hope you fill it with more memories and love than it can hold this Holiday Season. Hugs and Blessings, Nan


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