Jan 4, 2010

New House is coming along...

as you can see on this You Tube video that my son-in-law uploaded from his phone. Amazing these new technologies...makes connecting and sharing of information so easy-peasy.
I now have roof shingles going on and windows and exterior doors.

Its been cool here in Tampa Florida these first days of January...and all my "sweaters and warm stuff" are packed in storage. I am glad I'm here versus back home in Buffalo...but at least in Buffalo - I had gotten used to "layering" and had plenty of turtlenecks etc. Seeing the Bills game (Woo-hoo we won!) on Sunday versus the Colts with the Snow coming down and covering the field, brought back lots of memories (my husband and I were season ticket holders for 20 years) but also made me feel "colder" without all my winter Bills gear on...
it was only about 52 degrees for a "high" on Sunday and breezy...so the wind chill was "chillin" My dd and dsil went to the Tampa Bay Bucs game and had gloves, hats, and warm jackets on.

Here's a pic of me and the kids with their other grandma who is visiting from Texas - we went out to the Tampa Lowry Zoo to see the Christmas Lights and Zoo at night. *I have 4 layers on ;-)

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  1. awww thanks for the tour Mary!Love the big windows and your back yard!


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