Feb 25, 2009

Wonderful SPRING Freebie from D.A.I.S.I.E. Company


Over at the Graphics/Printables website store of DAISIE Company (a.k.a. Across the Street) - Gina Jane Blair (formerly Johnson) the owner, an artist and designer of D.A.I.S.I.E. - is offering for a "Limited" time her own beautiful Honeyville "SPRING" set of Graphics for FREE!. A marvelous 72 piece graphic set.

When DAISIE Company first came to be online in the spring of 2006,
I actually had a small job with the Company - I had my own "Ask Mary" forum. I helped with product support for using the Graphics with graphic/photo editing software questions. Sadly the community forums are all gone
from DAISIE now, and all of my help pages and information that went along with them are gone too. DAISIE Company over the past 3 years has had growing pains and its own share of ups and downs, as had Gina Jane herself, the sites owner.

BUT the Good News is that there are still some AMAZING Artists and Designers working at DAISIE offering some absolutely wonderful products for your Crafting pleasure.

I love, love, love all the graphics available to purchase by the late artist Sandi Gore Evans.

If you like Printables and assembling terrific paper crafts - then you'll enjoy the many options offered by the amazing Sandy Osborn.

Another favorite artist of mine is Bev Luedecke - I've tried to purchase everything she does - its so whimsical and just too cute - see the graphics/artwork collections of
Bev Luedecke at DAISIE

There are lots of wonderful artists and designers at DAISIE - if you haven't ever visited, Please Check the
web site out : Discover Club DAISIE - The Graphics/Printables Febuary edition will only be available a few more days!!! see its extraordinary value in all you get, see too the February Gift Basket Club edition of "printables"
And be sure to sign up for their email news, so you'll know about new freebie offers and new product announcements.

Happy Shopping! and Happy Freebie!!!

Please note too: DAISIE has a generous Angel Policy for professional crafters - here is a quoted excerpt from the latest community news email Feb 25, 2009
Remember, DAISIE Company offers an Angel Policy. This means that you can create and sell up to 200 of the same item, per year, using our digital scrapbook kits, printables, clip art and graphics. You can make items for craft fairs, sell things on ebay and your own website.
Please read all information on this page:

Thank YOU Gina Jane for your generous offering to us all who love and appreciate your artistry.

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