Oct 12, 2012

Hugsister Messageboard Contest thread Oct 13th

October 13th on the Hugsister messageboard in the Over theFence  forum community – I am posting a thread, where if you make “one” comment (you only are allowed “one” comment, on this particular thread) – then you might be chosen to win a Serif Software CD that contains 5 software programs. I got the CD with a recent printer purchase but already have similar or the same programs on my computers.

The rules for entry are that when you comment, it must be about what’s going on in your life, tell us about a craft project you’re working on, if you haven’t ever posted or haven’t in awhile, tell us why and or if we can do things differently on the message boards to make them more welcoming etc. If you’re a regular who posts all the time I welcome your input and tell us something we may not know about you, etc.  You only get to comment on this one thread, once, BUT you can comment on any other threads, you can start threads of your own etc.

What I’m hoping my little one day thread will do, is entice enough hugsisters to at least COME ON OVER to the Messageboards, and look around, visit the other subforums that we have, read through them, see what’s going on in those other forums etc. etc. And or contribute to those other forums with new posts of your own. 

If we can get more than 32 out of the 1000+ who have registered on the Hugsister Messageboard since its inception in Dec 2010,  - in a 15 minute time window – then we will finally break the record: Most users ever online was 32 on Jul 28 2011, 07:43 PM

The messageboard counts all registered visitors on the entire message board, not just in individual forums, and it counts in 15 minute increments. So within any 15 minute increment on the 24 hours of Oct 13th – the goal is to have more than 32 looking around the place at the same time.  My one thread is only a small “incentive” or drawing card, that I’m hoping will bring about a bit more activity.  Plus my thread is also meant to be an encouragement for newbies, oldies, and those who just read and run..to read a bit about us, catch up with us and our lives – all in one thread. Kinda like a Sketti night with the theme being, with just one post/comment on one thread – tell us what’s going on in your life, share a craft tip, a photo, a recipe, - just make the post something of “substance”.

At  11:59pm Eastern USA time, on Oct 13 – I will draw a name from all those that commented, and then when I get their mailing address, I will send them the software CD to do what ever they want with.

If gals continue to comment on that one thread after the drawing, they are most welcome to do that, but the contest or entry period for the cd will be for only those comments posted, from midnight 12am Oct 13 – East Coast USA time to 11:59pm East Coast USA time Oct 13.

On October 13th a No Tricks ~ just a one Treat Drawing.
Any one that posts "one" post/comment to the tread that will be started at Midnight 12am Eastern Time, Sat Oct 13 will be entered into a drawing for the Serif Complete Arts & Crafts Creativity Suite DVD, that I got included with a recent printer purchase. I have no need for this CD, so thought it would make for a fun giveaway. Plus we'll see how many Hugsisters we can get to post on one "particular" thread over the course of one day.
The rules for entry: You must post One Comment on this single thread which will have in the Subject line
No Tricks, just a Treat CD Giveaway
In your comment you must tell us what you've been up to lately or how you're doing in life, and/OR give us a craft tip, tell us about crafts you're working on etc. (post pictures if you can or want to)
Please don't ask questions on the thread, and please don't just post saying you'd like to enter for a chance. And don't post saying thank you for offering the giveaway but that you don't want to enter, and just wanted to post a comment. Remember even if YOU personally do NOT want to win this, you could use it as a Gift/Giveaway yourself, put it in some ones stocking or a greeting card. Only one entry allowed per registered HugSister on the thread - so say as much or as little as you want to in that one comment.

At 11:59pm - October 13th, eastern USA time, I will draw a random number from all the qualifying posts to the thread and that person will receive the Arts and Crafts software programs DVD. I will mail it out to them after receiving their mailing address information.

Serif Complete Arts & Crafts Creativity Suite all programs on one DVD **Please note: this is compatible for Windows 7, Vista and XP users, but if you are a MAC user, you can always give it as a Gift to your Windows friends wink.gif **  
NOTE : THIS DVD CAN NOT BE OFFERED FOR SALE!!!!  I'm trusting that the winner will accept this as a personal use only & gift, from me.
user posted image
The following "complete" programs are on the DVD

Craft Artist Greeting Cards: http://www.serif.com/AllProducts/Software/...eetingCards.htm

Digital Scrapbook Artist 2 : **no longer available at Serif website http://www.amazon.com/Serif-Digital-Scrapb...2/dp/B00355R03W

Page Plus Essentials: http://www.serif.com/pageplus/essentials.aspx

PhotoPlus Essentials: http://www.serif.com/photoplus/essentials/
this is NOT the latest version that Serif has out now - this is description stated on the CD
"PhotoPlus Essentials is the fast and user-friendly photo editor that makes printing and uploading pictures as simple as can be. Ideal for photo enthusiasts who want to be able to organize their image collections as well as add stunning creative effects, with PhotoPlus Essentials, photo editing has never been so easy."

Scan Stitch and Share http://www.serif.com/scanstitchshare/
Serif Support & Community http://www.serif.com/Support/
If you need help, you have come to the right place. Whatever the question, chances are you’ll find the answer within these pages. Everything from help with your Serif software to managing your Serif account to accessing the Serif community forums – it’s all covered.

Free Downloads: http://www.serif.com/FreeDownloads/ If you don't win this Arts & Crafts Creativity Suite, you can still download and have some fun with the Free programs that Serif has available.

Serif main page: http://www.serif.com/

Serif Blog: http://www.serif.com/blog/

If you are unfamiliar with the Hugsister Community / Messageboard here is some background information:
The messageboard was born Dec 19th 2010, when a generous hugsister Lynne, a.k.a. Blondemoments saw a need for each of us to stay connected.

 We had for the most part all been registered members of the pcCrafter.com messageboard community. PC Crafter.com was a website (its still online but doesn't sell anything, any longer) that sold the most amazing Clipart sets, done by the some of the most talented artists you'd ever want to have something of theirs in your clipart stash.  pcCrafter.com came online in about 2000, they sold clipart CDs in some stores, but they wanted to expand, and start selling Downloadable clipart sets - they called their 30piece clipart sets "Creatables" - for all the things your could Create with the clipart.  Then they started a monthly Club - called the HUG CLUB. For one low price each month, you would receive 2 - 30 piece clipart sets, plus a bunch of other goodies, such as printable paper doll sets, candy bar wrappers, home helpers - which were blank calendars (done with clipart), lists, recipe cards, etc. Toppers for scrapbook pages or cards etc.  and a mid-month snack consisting of 5 extra graphics that went with the "main" 30 piece clipart set of the month (they had a main 30 piece set and a 2nd bonus - 30 piece set) The 2 - 30 piece sets were eventually put up for sale to the general public at a later date. But those 5 extra graphics, and all the other CLUB content never was offered to the public (it was only available to monthly club members). 
Then every Thursday (up until Dec 2009) pccrafter released 2 completely new 30 piece clipart sets to the public. And throughout the year they offered different sets, Scrapables, Cardables, etc.  Life for a Graphicoholic didn't get much better.  And over on the pccrafter Messageboard - gals began to become friends, and have long running threads and conversations - about everything and anything. And of course we talked a lot about what we did with the graphics, and how much we looked forward to the NEW stuff coming out weekly and in the CLUB.   Hugsisters come from all walks of life, and from around the world.  Some have had meet ups, and its always a thrill to meet in person, folks you've only known via the internet. We've shared our lives, our joys, our sorrows, our problems etc.  PCCrafter stopped releasing new sets on Thursdays in Jan 2010, and only had the Club offerings, but they gave members "3" 30 piece clipart sets, plus all the regular Club content. The 3 - 30 piece sets were eventually put in the store for the public to buy. But in Jan 2011, any new clipart releases and/or club content ceased. The store remained viable for a few months, but eventually the shopping cart no longer functioned. The Messageboard was taken down from the pccrafter servers in April 2011.  So when we could see the handwriting on the cyberwalls that pccrafter.com was going to be no more...Lynne stepped to the plate and found a free online host invisionfree.com and created a New Meeting place for Hugsisters.  Its taken awhile to catch on, but we do have currently 1000+ registered.  Nothing can ever be like pccrafter's messageboard community. PC Crafter and the Clipart sold, the array of artists and various styles etc. was just awesome. But in the last few yrs of the pcc messageboard's life...things really had slowed down. Hugsisters moved on, grew bored of the community and/or even angry/hurt over some posts/threads etc. Many hugsisters found Facebook to be a good alternative to staying connected.  And on Facebook there is a group just for pccrafter messageboard Alumni.  **I belong to both the Hugsister Message Board and also the pcc Alumni group. (to join the Facebook group, you have to be of course on facebook, and be a friend of one of the pcc alumni group members, and then they can "add" you to the closed group)

Want to learn more about Hugsisters and our online messageboard:
Here is  the Hugsister Community forums registration information and some of the neighborhoods in the community
Here is the info you need to register over at the New Hugsister forum -
 the link to the registration page for the new hugsister forums:
you will receive an email back after registering and then should be good to go 

The "main chat" area is called "Over the Fence"
Other forums of interest
Welcome introduce yourself after registering

Crafter's Marketplace

A place to post what you'd like to buy from a Hugsister, and Items a Hugsister is selling

Over the Fence

General Chit Chat - where we hang out.

What's Cooking?
share your favorite recipes

The Craft Room

What are you working on? What do you want to share?

The Craft Room ARCHIVES

Here is where you will find all those great projects previously created by our members

Crafty Links

Crafty ideas and projects from the web

Photo Album

Got a picture to share?

Hugs and Prayers Needed
Need a hug? Need a Prayer? Thats what Hugsisters do.

Yard Sale

Everyone loves a Yard Sale - got stuff to sell? Post here but please remove when it is gone.

Computer Help

Questions and answers to your computer problems

The Toy Box

What new crafting toys do you have or ideas for the toys?

Shout outs

Need to shout out a birthday, anniversary, or special something. This is the place.

Swap Meet!!!


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Steals and Deals
Check "Everyday" to see whats dealing today

Freebies, Craft coupons, restaurant deals, etc..

Our Daily Clicks
Health Forum
A place to share good information

Helpful Sites and Links - Keeper's Forum

a place to find links that we remembered seeing in posts but could no longer find
I hope you'll come by the place on Oct 13th and if you want, take a chance to win the Software DVD, and also read the many threads on the messageboard, and a long the way, get to know some of us a bit better.
Hugs, Mary a.k.a. LibMary 


  1. Mary thank you for this article. I used to be very active with the hugsisters. I loved participating in the swaps that were going on. I also enjoyed seeing what everyone was working on. Quite often I'd get inspiration from seeing all the projects. For some reason I never seem to get "over the fence". I do need to make more of an effort to stay connected. Hugs to you! Venus (vrt007)


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