May 19, 2010

Today I am having a Birthday

and I'm OK with that.
We had a Birthday Cake my daughter ordered from ColdStone "first",
Chocolate Peanut Butter - YUMM!

then the family headed out to Carraba's -
where I dined on my favorite dish there "Chicken Bryan"

here are some pictures of my Celebration of Life
the past few days

My dd and dsil got me my own "dirt devil" or as they call it - the bug catcher -
as they've told me - I will find critters here in Florida that might
not have been seen in my Buffalo house ;-)
My Grandson got me hard candies which I like to always have
when I go for my walks or driving in the car
and both kids made cards...
Josh's was a pop up one with a cake, balloons, & teapot pouring tea
and Mariah's had a teapot theme too on the front
My grand daughter got me a water bottle to take with me over to the
Exercise Room at the Waters Edge Club House
My daughter and I out in front of Carraba's
My daughter Jen in Indianapolis sent me
bags of M&M's that were personalized with
sayings for my Birthday and Mothers - day
note the "Chocolate" theme...and I wore
a Chocolate colored shirt for my Day too.

I am finally staying in my new home full time.

The new house will be a work in progress for the coming months.
Trying to decide on "my Florida Style" is gonna take some time.
Decorated the guest bathroom with new "palm tree" stuff
this is the first new decor things I have bought
The Dining Room is coming together still have boxes to unpack and arrange in the Hutch and the Cabinet that Paul built for me
Got a solar planter for out front
that my dsil put together for me on Mothers Day

The WELCOME Mat is out...

Come on Down!

Over the past weekend the family drove over to the other side of Florida to Cape Kennedy and watched the Launch of the Space Shuttle ATLANTIS on Friday May 14.
There are only going to be 2 more Shuttles ever launched,

so we wanted to be able to say we saw at least "one" up close (or as close as us folks who want "free" looks can get)
We found a nice spot along the water directly across (about 12 miles away)
from the Launch tower.
The Experience was AWESOME!!!.

Kids brought Flat Stanley to view the Launch
We had a great view
when Atlantis - Blasted Off

The Power of the ZOOM lens on my son in law's camera

After the launch, we had a picnic lunch/dinner and then drove about an hour or so away to Vero Beach and visited with my Dad and his wife in their new digs - an assisted living facility in Vero Beach...Very nice visit and looks like a good place for them that will meet all their needs.
Me and my Dad
Our Group Photo

On Sat we drove back to Cape Kennedy and toured the Space Center....
Interesting, and Fun! Here is a pic of the Assembly Building
where it All Goes Together

Inside a mock up of the Capsule that 3 astronauts had to share

Last night (Tuesday) I went to my grandson's Spring Band Concert -
he plays the Trumpet in the "Beginner band" -
All the kids did great and it was an enjoyable evening here in warm Florida.

This is a picture of "half" the Band...
Josh is planning on continuing with the Band and Trumpet
next year when he will be a 7th Grader.
And now for something Completely Different

Found some fun and/or crafty links while surfing along this morning on my Birthday
- thought I'd share some with you:

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Grilling Cookbook from Martha Stewart & Sirius Radio

Fun Blog to visit everyday :
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Get Your Craft On - Tuesdays!

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Free Job Chart

How to make a fun wall growth chart ----------------------------------------------------------------------
If you share May 19th as a Birthday...Happy Happy Day to YOU :-),
and may your Year ahead be Delightful.

If your birthday isn't today..
Well to you I wish a Very Happy UN-Birthday!!

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful birthday celebration! That cakes looks to "die for"! I'm a chocoholic. Can you tell?? (tee-hee) :-)


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