Jul 7, 2013

DAISIE Company - Close Out Sale

DAISIE Company has gone through many changes over the years since its inception by Gina Jane in 2005. Artists have come and gone, and the once thriving message board is long gone as well. I was in the early days personally involved in the site. I had my own Ask Mary forum, and contributed articles to the monthly newsletter.

**Graphics credit: Gina Jane of DAISIE Company
 It was a position I held for only a few months. But I have fond memories of the friends I made, many of them "Hugsisters" from pccrafter.com's message board.  Sad to see that now pccrafter.com is no more, and that come August 1, 2013, DAISIE Company will be down to just one artist - Gina Jane will be the sole artist producing new art and printables for the site.  Currently there is a Close-out sale of the other artists that are at DAISIE - after the 31st of July 2013 - some artists may go with other sites to sell their art or printables. I know that Kaelynn Winn will be moving her art to Aimee Asher.com. But I don't know the status of these former pccrafter artists: Shelly Comiskey, Carolee Jones, and Marie Cole - where or if they will continue to sell downloadable clip art sets.  If you have wanted some of the DAISIE artists (Diane Knott, Renae Lindgren are 2 of my favorites, as well as Shelly Comiskey etc.) downloadable clip art sets and/or printables sets, now is your chance during July 2013. Check out the wonderful art and printables that are available now in the Closeout section of DAISIE Company -see all current artists / designers stores at: http://www.daisiecompany.com/all-designers-c251.php

I will post if and when I find information about any of the DAISIE artists / designers finding new online homes to sell their downloadable art sets.

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